Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dos justin bieber lik chip?

i do

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Monday, April 16, 2012

My boyfriend has been talking to his ex and never told me..I found please!?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years. He recently moved in with me because his parents kicked him out. He always tells me he loves me and I love him very much. My boyfriend and I used to be very open where we could look at each others phones, facebooks, myspace, etc with no problem. We weren't snooping just having fun. Then I found out he went to see his ex-girlfriend to "talk" without telling me..which means he was lying to me the day he went telling me he had different plans..he eventually told me 2 days later b/c he felt guilty. Then he changed his password 3 times on facebook without telling me so I started thinking about that incident thinking there was a connection. I asked him his password and he told me..I got on his facebook without him knowing and found 1 single message in his sent box.. apparently he had deleted all the other messages so I wouldn't find out. his ex lives far away now but I am still wondering why he would talk to her behind my back without telling me first? ( I would have never have gotten mad and he knows that..which makes me even more worried.)

Also..he says that it didn't mean anything..and I want to believe him..but now I want to see what he's doing on facebook or who he is I overacting? Or do I have a right because he broke our trust? I mean he lied several times(about meeting her, the messages, and he told me the other day he hasn't talked to her) so I am just worried. Should I be worried he still has feelings for her? Or that I'm not the one? I feel like he is the one for me..but I have a feeling he doesn't feel the same way..I need some advice please. Thank you.

Answer on My boyfriend has been talking to his ex and never told me..I found please!?

It does sound like you have some trust issues. Why not sit him down and talk it out with him? How long was the relationship with his ex? Did it end because she moved? (just asking, it kinda sounds like it) If it was a long relationship, maybe he's not over it yet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Does he like me? We just met and he seems to be contacting me pretty often?

The first day we met, he and I started talking and he invited me to 3 places. One was this event he was doing, another was his friend's party and the last was another event he was hosting. So i told him I couldn't make it the first time, he said he was sad but that'd i go to the party, which I did and he was super happy to see me but I got bored and left. Anyway, the day after, he commented my myspace and thanked me for going and I responded and then he invited me again to the next event and he just told me, he'd keep my name on the party list in case I wanted to go.
I've noticed that he only seems to comment back on my things and not on some others, like when my friend comments him and he always seems uber nice to me, not that he's not nice to his friends. It's just he seems to keep the convo going with me or initiates it.
does it seem like he maybe likes me? are these signs? or am i over-analzying?

Answer on Does he like me? We just met and he seems to be contacting me pretty often?

Even though it is often very difficult to tell with guys because they don't always let their true feelings be known, I think he likes you. Only time will tell of course, but maybe talk to him and see how it goes. Give it some more time. The strange thing is that guys are often shyer than girls. So be patient. Don't try to rush things. I think he is interested. You know he likes you if he is nice to you, is polite, does nice things for you, pays attention to what you do and say, notices you.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to lose weight...?

I am a 13 and a half year old girl, and I am 5 foot 4 inches tall. I weigh 112-115 on an average day and I know that isn't really fat, but i have really big hips and a huge butt (I wear size 5 jeans in juniors). I want to lose 15 pounds and i want to tone up, I wanted to try and do this in 6 weeks. Is that possible?? workout and diet suggestions??

Answer on How to lose weight...?

Have a balanced diet, life style and start:
1.No fats.
2. Only white proteins like fish or chicken.
3. Fresh vegetables and fruits.
4. Very little bread.
5. Daily seven kilometers brisk walk/ game like tennis or swimming.
6. No white sugar or fluids/sweet dishes made from sugar.
7. Four liters fresh/ Mineral water or fresh juices, avoid Cola or sweet s
8. Take five meals /day and never keep stomach fully empty, however it should always remain slightly empty.
9. Never take fried & junk food.
10. Deep sleep for at least six hours.
11. Think positive and keep smiling.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tips before leaving the country?

I'm leaving for Italy at the end of March for a ten day vacation, I've never flown or traveled overseas before. How should I carry my passport? Should I take cash, a debit card, or a credit card? Anything I need to know before I leave?

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer on Tips before leaving the country?

You can buy a waist style money/passport belt at ricksteves. com or in any luggage or EMS store. They fit on your waist and are concealed under your shirt. They're made of durable nylon with a plastic zipper so you can pass thru detectors at the airport without removing the belt. They are adjustable. The same stores sell a neck pocket which slips under your shirt; it's used to carry snack money, airline tickets, passport, etc. It's most useful when entering a plane and disembarking.

Large cities everywhere have an increased crime rate, European cities just like NYC have pickpockets who are well trained. Be wary of people who bump into you, ask for "donations", cause a disturbance in order to steal your property. Be aware of your surroundings and possessions. Police don't do much to catch pickpockets because it's considered a petty, although lucrative, crime.

Make two paper copies of your passport. Leave one copy at home with family or friends who have internet/fax access. Take the other copy with you, carried separately from your passport. This helps if the passport is stolen.

Bring a debit (ATM) card and a credit card. In Europe, you need a 4 digit numeric PIN. Notify the bank of your trip so that it is not suspended while you are traveling.

Take enough cash for arrival and departure. Get local money from the ATM in Italy.

Check your airline's restrictions on checked and carry-on luggage. If your luggage is over the weight limit, you pay an extra fee. Check the airline restrictions on carry-on liquids for the most recent rulings. Don't bring fresh fruit on the plane for international flights. It can be confiscated and you can be fined.

Buy a pocketbook size map of the areas you will visit. Use the internet to plan some must see sites. Use local transportation as it is cheaper than cabs or renting a car. I believe Italy requires a temporary international drivers' license.

Don't forget a travel umbrella, raincoat, comfortable shoes, and your camera. Have a wonderful trip.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Advice on getting a baby yellow belly turtle please?

I plan on getting a baby yellow belly turtle, i'm going to buy a foot and a half high tank. Then when the turtle gets bigger change it obvisouly. Is there any advice you can give me like on changing the turtles diet if needed, feeding and water tempreture. Also cleaning the tank. It would be very appreciated.

Answer on Advice on getting a baby yellow belly turtle please?

Height of the tank isn't as important as the bottom area. you might be able to save a little money by going with a breeder tank or a stiff plastic wading pool.

Good foods are earthworms, bait fishes, and liver you dust in bone meal.

Ideal water temperature is around 80°F. Aim for a 90°F basking site.

Use your eyes and nose to tell you when the tank needs cleaning. A filter will help.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

English, German, Italian or Spanish Football Trials?

I'm Amiel Trinidad. I would just like ask how I could get Football Trials in England, Germany, Italy or Spain if you are an Asian?

Answer on English, German, Italian or Spanish Football Trials?

well..u need to be scouted first...and u need to have talent..i mean u need to be like a star cause normally its hard to be scouted in those leagues u mentioned add me on facebook i know some agents "Henock Nufc Mengistab"